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3- Compassion Communities

Build Compassion Communities

Take your Compassion Training to the next level. Lead an ARC7 Community Team! We help build ARC7 Communities wherever a leader completes the training and establishes a team.

Team Leaders

Those who complete our training become ARC7 Compassion Leaders in their community. However, they soon find that the people in their local communities may not have the computer skills or the language skills to complete the online ARC7 Compassion Training. For this reason our first step in the local community is to teach the training in person.

We train each person who take this course as if they will be leading a team and teaching in person trainings in their local area. We want our graduates to be well-trained and equipped to reach this important goal.

We also help our graduates find and apply for grants to pay the costs of teaching this training in person including renting a space, renting a projector, and printing booklets. We ask for grants to cover the cost of paying our teachers since it will require a full day off from work to teach each training.

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