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Population Blocks

Each population block is the same configuration:

   1- Essential Roles: Leaders 

These 490 make up the first population block that will enjoy the environment of well-being provided by Arc7.  This first block will co-own and operate the arc.  Arc7 benefits package can be the greatest compensation package on planet earth because it is focused on meeting the seven essential needs. Today’s employment system can only offer you money, medical/dental insurance, and a 401K. They can’t offer you highest well-being and they don’t offer you co-ownership.

    2- Family and Friends

The plan is to reconstruct tribal connection. We do this by inviting family and friends to create a multi-generational support system for each of our Essential Members. Family members don’t always agree. They don’t have to be the same religion, or political affiliation, or lifestyle. One think we must choose to agree upon is the objective of ARC7, based on the seven core values, seven global concerns and seven dimensions. To have highly evolved functionality among members we choose to stay neutral on all other topics.  There may be a wide diversity of cultures, beliefs and priorities among the members of ARC7, yet our ONBOARDING process provides the foundation of unity and functionality between family members and arcology members as they choose to show love and acceptance towards each other

    3- Vulnerable Populations

The third population block will be those in need of care, rescue, or assistance.  This may include orphans, widows, disabled, refugees, homeless, or displaced.  They may come one at a time or in groups.  These may have need for professional medical and psychological care.  They may stay briefly on their way somewhere else.  They may become a permanent part of the arc.  They will be nurtured and taught to take on meaningful roles in the arc. Inclusion of vulnerable populations will create an environment of holistic happiness for the essential leaders and their families.

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