Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Hubs of Connection

We encourage members who have completed the prerequisites to organize “hubs of connection.” Hubs will meet through for workshops, retreats and summits, online first, then in person.

Hubs can form housing co-ops. When the hub is ready, they will build an arcology.

Hubs are intended to:

-restore tribal connection in the modern world
-to nurture a new mindset
-lay the foundation for highest well-being
-buy and sell with points as currency
-help each other start successful businesses and co-ops
-gather as a think tank
-plan and design arcologies
-take this dream all the way to a physical reality
-put new universal principles into practice

To fulfill this vision, we will co-create a socio-economic self-governance system for small groups of conscious people who have completed the prerequisite courses.  The system will be focused on highest well-being for everyone involved.

ARC7 is devoted to this purpose with a significant web presence and an online education program designed to be offered in combination with books, music, and other teaching materials to accelerate the paradigm shift towards arcology living. We call this “sacred human evolution.”

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