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After the co-op is formed

After the founding members have completed the steps to form a co-op, the process of joining changes slightly.

  • Complete the ONBOARDING process
  • Completing an acceptable Contribution Agreement.
  • Aligning and Agreeing with the co-op bylaws.
  • Approval Vote: Approval of two thirds of Worker-Owners in a vote to be held within one month of completing the work above.

Approved by a vote: Worker-Owners work together with the board of directors, and at their discretion, vote to approve a new member to become a Worker-Owner. They will then work in close collaboration with the new worker in a non-employee capacity in a think tank or a project.

Not approved by vote: A new member who is not approved by the above vote of Worker-Owners shall be given an opportunity to improve their performance and contribution agreement over a period of one year. This may include recommended courses or training. After that period, there shall be another vote. If the new member is not approved as a Worker-Owner by the second vote, their involvement with ARC7.org may be extended for another year.

Suspending Ownership: An Worker-Owner who does not attend any general meetings for more than 6 months, or does not contribute more than 6 hours in any 6 month period will be suspended. (In exceptional circumstances, Worker-Owners may vote to provide an exception or extension.)

Suspension Notification: After 5 months of no meeting attendance or insufficient hourly contribution, a warning will be issued to the Worker-Owner, to notify them that their membership will be suspended after one more month, if participation does not improve.

Ownership can be reinstated after:

  • Contributing an additional 20 hours.
  • Preapproval of two thirds of Worker-Owners in a vote to be held within one month of completing the period of work above.

Terminating Ownership

Ownership will terminate by any of the following;

  • A Worker-Owner sends ARC7.org a written notice that they are terminating their ownership.
  • A Worker-Owner dies.
  • A Worker-Owner Business or Organization dissolves or closes.
  • A Worker-Owner is expelled by the Board for cause, as long as the Board uses a consistent, fair, and reasonable procedure for expulsion (provided in writing to the Owners) that gives an Owner a reasonable period of time in which to explain or correct a problem.
  • A Worker-Owner deletes their account or are considered “inactive”. “Inactivity” shall be defined by the Board in a manner determined to be reasonable and equitable.
  • A Owner does not contribute 20 hours within a 6 month period, unless on a temporary leave arranged in writing.
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