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ARC7 Apartment Resource Complexes


Healing, interrupting, and preventing mass emotional deprivation is crucial to the future well-being of our families, our communities, and all humanity. We believe the only way to accomplish these goals is to create an effective life plan that meets the 7 Essential Human Needs in a sustainable way intentionally. When these essential needs have been met consistently, the sense of well-being will flow and the healing process can begin.  Future generations will not receive trauma from their parents.  They will start with a clean slate.  We will soon evolve out of painful emotions into a sense of highest well-being.  

The ARC7 plan is to intentionally heal and fill each of the 7 Essential Human Needs by forming a separate relief center for each one.  These seven relief centers would co-exist under one roof.  With all seven relief organizations in one, all 7 Essential Human Needs will be addressed through their membership in the Alliance.  Each center will grow and bloom into an organization that is self-governed by its members.  When enough members live in close proximity they can begin to meet each other in person to hold awareness events and celebrations that will gather an Alliance in their local areas.  When there is enough interest, they can begin to fundraise for their own local ARC7 Alliance Relief Centers.

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How to Get Involved

  ARC7 offers an ONBOARDING process to prepare and equip members to be conscious leaders who will co-create the uplifting environment that is necessary for ARC7 centers. The online courses will bring healing to a member first, then teach the concepts of true love and compassion that will teach them to heal others.  Each new member will lay the foundation for this new social structure. Members will soon become mentors as they help new members go through the onboarding process.

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