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ARC7 Arcology

What is an arcology?

The word “Arcology” comes from two words,
“ecology” and “architecture.”

The definition of an arcology is a city contained under one roof.

It is a human habitat considered ideal for reducing wasteful consumption, eliminating the need for transportation, and preserving the natural surroundings. 

ARC7 Adds More

ARC7 has a slightly more robust plan than the original arcology. We add “highest well-being” together with “ecology” and “architecture.”

We create a living and working environment that brings greater well-being to those who live there. People matter as much as the environment!
Don’t you agree?

Humans have a deep need to belong. For many of us, it is important to find a way to restore tribal connection in the modern world. Our research leads us towards a solution for both “highest well-being” and “global well-being.” We like to think of it as our own version of an “arcology.”

ARC7 Arcology:

An Environment of Highest Well-Being

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