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ARC7 Projects for All 7 Dimensions

When we ponder far-reaching impact of global PTSD, the world may begin to look like it is in an unrelenting whirlpool dragging us downward. Arc7 Power Projects are designed to interrupt the downward pull of trauma. They help to set individuals and families on a new voyage in the direction of highest well-being and global well-being.

The on-boarding process for Arc7 is designed to help each one of us continue to make conscious choices that will co-create the environment that is necessary for highest well-being.

Arc7 Power Projects help us heal as we help others heal. We co-create a beautiful torus flow in and back out, in and back out.

Questions 1: If you participated in each of these seven Power Projects, do you think that your unmet essential needs would begin to feel satisfied?

Question 2: What would happen if Arc7 Power Projects flowed energy into your life to satisfy your needs, but that energy did not flow back out from you to help others?

Would the impact on your life be the same?

Would the impact on the world around you be the same?

An important part of healing yourself is developing the compassion and desire to heal others.

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