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ARC7 Teams will teach mothers how to give moringa to their babies.

Food choices in the early years can be helpful for their growth and brain development.

In comparison to other fruits and vegetables, moringa contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals. It has 17 times more calcium than milk, which contributes to organ development, strengthens bones and teeth, improves red blood cell production, helps metabolism and nerve function, and brain development.

Start with MORINGA LEAVES that are very tender since they are easy to digest. Steam the leaves till they are cooked well, then they strain out the leaves. Only the liquid is given to babies. Carefully increase the quantities very gradually over a week or two, or it could be an overload on the baby’s gentle digestive system.

For babies over six months, MORINGA POWDER can be added to milk. In fact, moringa powder is much more nutritious than fresh moringa leaves since it has a denser concentration of nutrients.

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