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Business Owners! Your employees can opt into an ARC7 housing co-op.

If you own a company, please consider an innovative economic exchange between you and ARC7 Arcology Housing Co-op.

Your employees are given the opportunity to opt-into an ARC7 Arcology Housing Co-op. Your employees receives arcology living privileges and health benefits from the housing co-op.  You no longer have the labor costs associated with this employee.

Your employees would continue to work for you, but instead of receiving a compensation and benefits from you, they now receive compensation and benefits from the co-op, plus a monthly profit sharing check from you. 

No money is exchanged between your company and the co-op.  In exchange for the eliminated labor cost, you contribute whatever your company produces in an equivalent value. The amount that your labor cost would have been is now donated to the co-op in goods, services, or profit sharing. 

Example 1: If your company is a service company, your staff member would offer an equivalent amount of that service to the co-op at no charge to us or you in exchange for the opportunity to be part of the housing co-op.

Example 2: If your company produces material goods that can be beneficial to the co-op, you would donate the goods in an equivalent amount to the cost that the labor would have been. This exchange supports your employees opportunity to be part of the housing co-op.

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