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Chart – Parenting to Develop Compassion and Well-Being

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Parental Actions that Develop Compassion in Children
1Safetyensuring safety and survival, providing basic needs and protection
2Comfortfeeding, nurturing, comforting, affection
3Guidanceplanning, being organized, bringing peace to chaos
4Freedomaffirming individuality, allowing choice, listening nonjudgmentally
5Lovelistening, affirming feelings, apologizing, communicating
6Cooperationsupporting goals, empowering progress, making decisions together
7Compassionseeking mutually satisfying resolutions, willing to compromise

• Essential Human Needs are naturally met in a loving home environment that is set in a safe community.

• Highest Well-Being and greatest achievement flow when all seven needs are met consistently.

Read the chart carefully. Which of the seven Essential Human Needs did you enjoy the most? Which one was missing in your childhood? Answer these question in the quiz below.

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