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Community is the Key

Community has the potential to move us from an unsustainable culture to a sustainable one, and from an ever-more precarious economic system to a deeply stable and nurturing way of being that meets our needs for more humanely.

This is a quote from Ma’ikwe Ludwig, author of Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption.

In her book, Ma’ikwe focuses on the need to foster a healthy cooperative culture in order to get the world we want, rather than being trapped in our individualistic cultural training.

Emotional Preparation

We live in a society that denies and devalues the necessary emotional work as it relates to climate disruption, race and class dynamics, and systemic poverty and inequality. She makes a strong case for the importance of community building. She said it was an essential “building block” of the model for a new world.

Community may also be the only tool for surviving the breakdown of human systems and ecological systems that we see in the world today. The seven steps that you just completed helped you to emotionally prepare to be part of a strong community. The next step is to build that community in real life in your local area.

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