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Causes of Complex PTSD

Emotional Deprivation

When Essential Human Needs go unmet for long periods of time, symptoms of Complex PTSD can develop. One of the many causes of Complex PTSD is emotional deprivation in infancy and early childhood. From the early days forward a person then accumulates trauma from every new situation because he doesn’t have the emotional foundation to handle them. Here are a few observations about how U.S. citizens have the highest statistics of complex PTSD.

• Today’s work-focused lifestyle is producing an systemic environment of emotional deprivation at work, at home, and at school.

• Babies are separated from their mothers before developing a deep sense of belonging because she must return to work.

• Competition diminishes our ability to care about the needs of others, always focused on meeting our own needs first.

• When a child, student, or employee is forced to submit to prolonged mal-treatment with little or no choice to change the situation due to an unbalanced distribution of power, Complex PTSD can develop.

• Mal-treatment can damage the brain and imbed long-term vulnerability to mental and physical problems.

• Living a lifestyle of stress, anxiety, competition, abandonment, and abuse causes compounding social problems for all.

• When a society is unable to co-create a loving environment that meets Essential Human Needs, everyone suffers.

• The environment becomes more and more toxic, creating more distance, resulting in more emotional deprivation.

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