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Consciousness Leads to Compassion

ARC7 Compassion Training is designed to expand consciousness by educating people how to ascend. ASCENSION is choosing the highest and best actions that will generate the highest and best outcomes for everyone involved. The path of ascension restores your compassion.

Consciousness is always expanding. Example: One person might be very conscious of the pain of animals that are slaughtered for human consumption, but not conscious of the slaughter of innocent humans in foreign countries in a genocide. One person might be very conscious about the destruction of the environment, but unaware of the negative impact they have on the environment of their own home.

We must be committed to “expanding consciousness.” This means that we are always open to see things a new way. This leads to change, growth, and maturity. Don’t judge someone who is not yet conscious of one part of life. Simply make them aware and help them to expand their consciousness.

Consciousness Leads to Compassion

When we become “conscious” and aware of our own weaknesses, we begin to understand and be aware that others have weaknesses too. One might fall into the trap of materialism and selfishness. Others fall into ego and self-preservation. We each seem to have weakness in one area, but strength in another. This is because we have not yet become conscious of our weakness or we are not committed to overcoming our weakness. If we see this in ourselves, we must also allow for the strengths and weaknesses of others without judgement. This is compassion.

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