Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Dominate a Female for Her Own Good

AMS went on to say that he intentionally triggers a woman to fall all over him by keeping his distance and withholding his love and making her feel insecure. The insecure behavior he triggers in her is what we at ARC7.org call “fawn” or “frenzy.” Fawn and frenzy are just two of the many ways we involuntarily behave in the presence of danger. The danger comes from the trauma he inflicts on her self-esteem in order to dominate her. This vulnerable feminine soul wants his love but will never get it. Her danger detection system that is built into our bodies to alert us when we are in the presence of danger, triggers her into action. She doesn’t understand that it is a trigger, but instead interprets it as love for him. However, love will not trigger your danger triggers, but will instead make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

AMS says that getting her to fawn and frenzy is a victorious triumph for him because he gets all the love and attention he needs from her, while never giving her the love and attention she needs. He literally teaches all men to withhold the love she so desperately needs on purpose, because a woman is so easy to control when she is starving for love. AMS claims that he protects his woman from predators, but who will protect her from him and the harm he is doing to her?

This harmful alpha mindset causes AMS to fail miserably at love in his own life. He admittedly is discouraged with romantic relationships because of the number of women who have cheated on him and left him for someone else. AMS concludes that all females cheat on a man who she perceives is a beta male, causing him to try even harder to become an alpha male.

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