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Emotional Deprivation from Birth to Death


It starts at birth. The new norm for American mothers is to work outside of the home. Maternity leave is getting shorter and shorter. In many cases, mothers have been pressured to leave their newborn babies with caregivers two weeks after childbirth. The mother may be recovering from stitches and exhausted from sleepless nights and a constantly changing sleep schedule, but still expected to work. Meanwhile, her baby didn’t have the 24-hour care long enough to develop emotional well-being. He may feel a sense of abandonment that can permanently damage his sense of security and belonging for the rest of his life. Both mother and child are traumatized on a daily basis by this separation, with no solution in sight. Yet they are expected to embrace the system as if it is the best thing for both of them.

Leaving Home

As the emotionally deprived child makes his way through school, he has invisible disabilities that cause him to fight, flight, or freeze at every turn. The generations of children who were separated from their mothers too early are now are expected to leave home when they are 18 year old.

Join the Workforce

Adults in today’s workforce show symptoms of complex PTSD. They have many problems in their intimate relationships, work relationships and their own self-concept. It is especially difficult to pinpoint and heal from emotional deprivation because, unlike abuse, emotional deprivation is something that didn’t happen at all. Something is missing, but you don’t know what it is because you never had it. You can’t point at something when it is not there.


In your final years, you come to find out that the retirement you dreamed about all your life creates further emotional deprivation in your old age as you realize that you no longer useful in a work-driven society. Your value has diminished. You are left to die slowly in loneliness and boredom. Social security is one more faceless, automated system that doesn’t have the capacity to care about you. Your family did not stay together. There is no tribe. There is no multi-generational family.

Emotional Deprivation from Birth to Death

From birth to death you are expected to struggle for survival alone. This is the industrialized plan of emotional deprivation. We must see the whole package before we can find a solution.

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