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Essential Needs – table

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Parenting and Reparenting Table

of Life
Essential Human NeedsEssential Parenting SkillsPARENTING AND REPARENTINGTraits & Skills Developed
1SafetyProtectionensuring safety and comfort by providing a home that is clean, dry, safe, and warmTrust
2ComfortLimitsmodeling responsible and healthy behaviors
abstaining from damaging habits
3ConfidenceGuidancefinding the origin of negative tendencies admitting faults, initiating positive changesSelf-Esteem
4FreedomBoundarieslistening nonjudgmentally, allowing feelings affirming boundaries, supporting creativityChoice
5LoveGratitudecreating a sense of appreciation for each member of the family unconditionallyConnection
6CooperationEmpowermentsupporting goals, empowering progress making family decisions togetherPower
7CompassionEmpathyseeking mutually satisfying resolutions
willing to compromise and be reasonable

Re-Parenting Ourselves

One problem that arises with re-parenting ourselves is that we learned parenting from our parents who made lots of mistakes. To do a good job at re-parenting ourselves we must un-learn the parenting mistakes we were taught by an imperfect example.

This is when it makes sense to hire a professional to re-parent us instead of doing it ourselves alone. This will ensure that they have the parenting skills we are lacking. Counselors, coaches, and mentors can help with this process.

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