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Go to Specialty Course page

Specialty Courses Sign Up Page

1 – In this lesson you will go to the Specialty Courses page.

2 – Please read about each Specialty to learn more.

3- Sign up for the Specialty Course that aligns closest with your life purpose, your gifts and talents, or your favorite thing to do.

4 – After you complete your Specialty Course, you can organize your specialty in your local area.

5 – A hub is where many points meet together like the spokes of a wheel. Everyone comes together in the middle.

6 – Some Specialties can be offered to the public. Others are for members of ARC7 only. Do you want to specialize in working with people who have not joined ARC7 yet? Or do you want to have a specialty that works with members only?

7 – When you organize a hub, you will gather other ARC7 leaders. Each one will have their own Specialty. Your hub will add new specialties every time you add a new leader to your hub.

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