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Housing Co-ops

ARC7 is a mutual housing association: A nonprofit corporation established to develop, own and operate housing for its members. The corporation is owned and controlled by the residents who plan to move in.


When you buy into a housing co-op, you don’t actually buy real estate — you buy shares in a corporation, whose only asset is the property. You are a shareholder. The co-op owns the home you live in; you own no greater part of it than any other member. Property taxes are paid by the corporation. When you leave, you sell your stock back to the co-op.

Population Blocks

We plan our Apartment Resource Complexes in population blocks of 700 people. We start with our 70 Team Leaders and then add their family members. Then we add vulnerable community members who are homeless such as orphans, street kids, or disabled.


You gain the right to occupy an ARC7 housing co-op through an agreement called a “proprietary lease.”

Our housing expenses are paid for by the co-op, including utilities, taxes, and insurance.

Taxes for the building are shared by all residents, yet you still get to enjoy the same federal income tax deductions for your home as any other homeowner.

Potential members have to be approved by the board of directors. That means the members of the co-op will decide who can move into the building and who can’t. 

Team Leader Training

ARC7 requires a training of seven steps to ensure that housing co-op shareholders are likely to be financially responsible individuals who share the organization’s values and genuinely care about the best interests of the property, the corporation, and its members. The monthly house payment is determined by your contribution agreement.

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