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Global Well-Being Mindset

Global Mindset is Negative

We are taught from an early age that it is “impossible” for humanity to have all their needs met, so we must accept from an early age that we will never have a sense of actual global well-being. To expect more is a fairytale, they say.

If we are expected to believe that only a few people in the world can have all their needs met, we are also expected to give up on ever having a sense of global well-being.

Evidence of Global Well-Being

Do you see evidence of global well-being in our world?

Perhaps not, because our news only report on things that are going wrong. They never tell us what is going right in the world. After all, bad news makes us watch the news. Is it possible that the news media is contributing to our global PTSD?

Highest Well-Being Depends on Global Well-Being

If we have to give up on humanity, that means we have to give up on our own highest well-being, because humanity is one of the seven dimensions of highest well-being. Our own well-being depends on having a sense of “global well-being.”

If we hope to improve our own well-being we have to improve the way we see the world. We have to look for evidence that the news media will never show us. We have to find stories about humans that will restore our faith in humanity.

We have found a source of news that shows us the best stories. It is called “World Economic Forum.”

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