Lesson 1, Topic 1
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HW Communication of Highest Well-Being is Formed in Stages

  Each stage of human development opens a new dimension of well-being. The words we say or don’t say can reveal which stage of development has been completed or interrupted. When the Essential Needs are met consistently, the communication elevates to reveal highest well-being. When the Essential Needs are not met consistently, maturity is stunted, and communication reveals stress and trauma.

  We can learn to elevate our communication to create well-being for ourselves and others. When our emotions gravitate towards communication of stress and trauma, we can instead choose language of well-being and begin to manifest a new reality for ourselves and others. 

Think of the timeline of your life at each of the stages listed above.

Can you remember a time when each of these essential needs were met?

Who were the people in your life that made you feel safe and powerful?


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