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HW Unhealthy Triggers Create Alpha / Beta Relationships

  A trigger is the opposite of a conscious choice.  Childhood trauma becomes trapped in a certain neuropathway in brain to create a trigger that hijacks your body, mind and spirit. Your body releases adrenaline to help you through a temporary challenge. This is healthy. In contrast, complex PTSD is when triggers are stuck in the “on” position for long periods of time. These unhealthy triggers create a lifestyle of over reacting or under reacting to stress. These triggers are often mistaken as your true personality, or worse a mental disorder. 

  One common way to identify that you have an unhealthy trigger is when you suddenly go into the “fight or flight” response to something that later seems trivial. The brain chose to “fight” or “flight” instead of coping normally. Beyond “fight or flight” there are many other actions that can be triggered under stress that you might later regret or be embarrassed by. 

Have you ever over-reacted to a stressful situation and later regretted it?

Do you most often tend towards Alpha triggers or Beta triggers?

Would you like to heal your triggers and cope normally under stress?


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