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Indigenous Ownership


We believe there are 7 industries that should never make a profit. These are the industries that ensure our survival, our income, and quality of life. We believe it is the right of every human being to have enough of these to live a good life.

1- Water – clean water is an essential right of every human being

2- Medical / Dental – the right to health and a pain-free life

3- Education – the right to an education

4- Land – the ability to grow the essential foods for survival

5- Electricity – the ability to progress with the rest of the world

6- Internet Connection – the ability to stay competitive in the global marketplace

7- Business License – the ability to work hard to develop income without a barrier to entry

We believe that these industries must be operated for the sole purpose of maintaining the well-being of the people they serve.


Money is the invisible barrier that is placed between us and the things we need. This is what perpetuates poverty and inequality. Profit is the money that a business person gains from doing business. When a business puts an invisible barrier between people and the things they need, we believe this is an abuse of power.

ARC7 Promotes Indigenous Ownership

We believe it is essential to build ARC7 Apartment Resource Complexes in rural areas of developing nations before other businesses set up business as usual.

ARC7 Apartments design the seven survival industries to be built into the complex. In so doing we will address all 7 global concerns simultaneously and permanently.

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