Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Long-Term Global Intervention Programs

If we hope to have a sense of global well-being, we need to feel that the world is a safe place full of wonderful people. When we are shown evidence every day on the news and the internet that our world is doomed and offered proof that our leaders are evil and destructive, our sense of global well-being is obviously impacted negatively.

It is similar to the trauma a child experiences during divorce when their parents hurt one another and refuse to make decisions that are highest and best for everyone. Their world comes crashing down in despair.

Just as we calm the soul of a traumatized soldier to help him overcome his over-active fight or flight responses, we also need global intervention programs to help the world over-come their trauma from the world being in an ideological war with each other. Humanity needs the exact same intervention if we hope to overcome our global triggers, become less of a threat to one another, and be able to co-create an environment of highest well-being for the rising generation to enjoy.

Arc7.org exists to create environments of highest well-being.

The long-term plan is to co-create ARC7 Arcologies where we can live in peace. Our purpose is to interrupt and heal Global PTSD and to heal the strife and discord during our generation to put an end to the depressing passed-down story of human evolution.

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