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Lower Your Expectations to Sex and Reproduction

AMS openly made general assumptions about women and the female nature, rather than gaining insight and learning from his mistakes with women. Perhaps it was his flawed mindset that caused her to leave, but he won’t look at that possibility. He hardened his heart and teaches men to remain detached in order to wisely avoid further heartache, but he doesn’t realize that he is setting himself and his viewers up for further emotional deprivation in the future. He and his followers will never get the love they need, because they don’t even admit that they need love.


AMS lowered his expectations and states that men have only one purpose in life and that is to reproduce. And women have only one life purpose and that is to find the right person to make reproductions “of.” Like all other animals on the earth we have no purpose beyond mindless, emotionless, loveless reproduction. He then passes onto the next generation his own mindset that perpetuates a sick society.


AMS summarizes his final conclusion and take away for his viewers is to compartmentalize the need for sex and keep many women in a rotation rather than settling with one. He encourages his women to do the same.  He states that this is all that humans are capable of.

His lowered expectations may be valid in our present sick society, but he overlooks the need for love, bonding, and connection.

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