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Mom and Pop Businesses

Until recently, families were the building blocks of a community.  Families had to be strong to hold their community on their shoulders.  Every community had to have a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, a dentist, a doctor, and an undertaker.  Each family took on one of these crucial roles as their contribution to the community.  If anything happened to one of these families, it impacted the entire community.  For this reason, they would have to rally behind each community member knowing they without that person’s contribution, the essentials they need for a good life might not be available.

When corporations took over the “mom and pop” business, they usurped the purpose of the family.  Individuals and families are no longer necessary for community survival.  Now, when we move to a new community, we make sure we live near a Walmart, a McDonald’s, and good cell phone coverage, if we want to have a good life.   If something happens to someone in the community, it doesn’t impact our lives much at all.

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