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Moringa Provides Dense Nutrition

Instead of EXPORTING moringa, we teach local leaders to GROW and DISTRIBUTE. This nutrient-rich resource can do much good in their own neighborhoods. We are educating the locals about the health benefits of this miracle tree.

We encourage planting moringa groves with the intent to feed the hungry. In this case, education really can save lives in a very impactful way.  

Three seeds a day keeps the doctor away.

Just eat the raw seeds, with or without the shell. They are bitter, but with a sweet after taste.

Leafy Greens

Greens can also be added to meals for a spicy flavor.

Moringa Tea or Soup

The greens can be made into a tea to drink daily. The seed pods can be added to soup while they are still green. Soup and tea are good for people who are sick to boost their immune system and help them heal quickly.

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