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Learning, Parenting, and Re-Parenting

It’s a Process

     One dimension of well-being naturally builds upon another in a loving home environment. Our needs are met by loved ones who nurture and encourage us. We are taught to contribute to the well-being of others in our household. In time we are well-equipped to contribute to our communities in a productive way that fully expresses who we are.

Read the chart below from left to right.

Which row describes what you have now and which rows are you still working on?


1 – Learning –If we are not yet parents, we can use the chart above to determine where we are in the process of development.

2 – Parenting –If we are parents now, we can use the chart to determine which parenting skills we have now and which we still need to develop.

3 – Re-parenting – If we had parents that didn’t have the necessary parenting skills for developing you into a healthy person, we can use the chart to determine which skill they lacked and re-parent ourselves in that area.

There will be much more on the topic of re-parenting in the course Complex PTSD and Good vs Toxic Relationships.

So many of us were damaged by parents who didn’t have good parenting skills! They should have taken our courses!

We believe that all parents should be ARC7 Certified.

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