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Planetary Ascension

Planetary Ascension

Many spiritual gurus believe that some of the problems we are experiencing as a species is due to the fact that the planet is evolving to a higher frequency. Planets evolve just like people and animals do. The more they evolve, the higher frequency they emit.

If we were indigenous to this planet, we would be evolving at the same rate as our planet, but many believe that Earth is not our home planet. They say we were transferred here from another planet when our planet of origin was destroyed.

Is it True?

Does it change anything if this were true? Only if it helps you to understand the strain and stress our bodies are experiencing as we live on a planet that is vibrating at a higher rate than our own composition. Headaches, ringing in the ears, pressure, depression, and anxiety could easily be explained if we choose to believe this explanation.

If it is true that we are being forced into the ascension process earlier than we were ready for, what can we do to help to speed up the process of our own individual ascension? How can we get through this transition a little faster and smoother? These are the questions on the minds of millions of people who are feeling like they are going crazy and can’t figure out why.


In addition to our planetary discord, we also have all the trauma that our ancestors have experienced up to now, piling up in our DNA. We have to find ways to expel some of that history and have a fresh start, but how?

Personal Experience

On top of planetary and ancestral trauma, we have issues of our own that happened during our own travels on planet Earth. The more we go through, the more that accumulates, because we don’t know how to process trauma as it happens.

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