Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Population Numbers

420 Family and Friends

When we multiply 70 essential roles by 6 additional people they will bring with them, we get a total of 420 friends and family.  We assume that the people you will bring will be happy to help in any way they can to make the ARC7 run smoothly.  They will write Contribution Agreements to tell us what they intend to offer the arc: art, music, entertainment, cleaning, gardening, anything.

     70 – essential roles

+420 – family and friends

  490 rounded up to 500

Rounding up to 500, we can begin to plan the population of the local arc to be 500 people. The next group of 70 leaders will build the next block of 500 people. These blocks operate separately. They may build next to each other on the same land, or they may have their own land.

ARC7 builds from the inside out. That means that we don’t begin to build until we have the 70 Core Roles filled with strong leaders who can develop the income streams that are necessary to support the arc.

200 from Vulnerable Populations

The final step is to add 200 people from vulnerable populations. These are not your family and friends. They are people who need care, rescue, or assistance. This may include orphans, widows, disabled, refugees, homeless, or displaced.  They may come to you one at a time or in groups.  They may stay a short time or become members of the arc.

. 500 – Essential roles and their families

+200 – Vulnerable populations

=700 total population block

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