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Prepare to Join ARC7 by taking our courses

ARC7 Social Compassion Courses prepare and equip you to fill crucial roles in the think tank.

Proceeds from the courses go to ARC7.org to build arcologies around the world.

ENROLL NOW! The courses on this website are part of the on-boarding process for people who have a desire to live in an Arc7 Arcology. We are reaching out to young people who have the flexibility to imagine living life a whole new way. We offer hope and a way to reach for global well-being rather than personal well-being apart from the larger whole of humanity.  We can all reach for both personal well-being and global well-being at the same time with the Arc7 plan to build Arcology Relief Centers nearby and around the world. Those who get involved will have the option to join the think tank that plans, designs, builds, co-owns, and operates communities for the benefit of humanity.

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