Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Screen Before Trusting

HELP BUILD the SCREEN: We ask you to take the steps below to help us build a screen for the sincere people who join this network. Upload a close-up photo of your face and let us see the sparkle in your smiling eyes. Please don’t upload photos of your pets or children. By following these instructions, we know you are not a spam user.

Screen Before Trusting

1 – search profiles for pictures. no photo – no trust
2 – interview new connections in the Daily Zoom to verify that a the person exists
3 – verify that their profile picture matches what they look like on zoom
4 – verify values, beliefs, and attitudes that are congruent with ARC7
5 – search your new connection’s profile for badges that show the steps they have completed. No badges – no steps – no trust.

DAILY ZOOM MEETUPS: We invite you to join us on Daily Zoom whenever you get a chance. Participants must turn on their video camera. Your zoom likeness must match your profile picture! We are looking for real people who value truth and authenticity. We will accept and love you as you are so be honest and sincere.

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