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Short-term Global Intervention Programs

Stress is addictive. If we hope to break the cycle, and our addiction to stress, we have to keep ourselves calm and free from stress indefinitely.

Screen Everything! We feel the need to screen the situations we participate with, the ideas we listen to, and the people we hang around is crucial to keep ourselves calm and to allow healing to take place. This may be impossible if your work is stressful, your home life is stressful, and your coping skills are non-existent. However, we came up with 7 questions that provide an intelligent and consistent way to govern our choices as we unify and solidify into an organization.

ARC7.org offers short, intense, online courses with local support groups, co-ops, think tanks, and low-stress co-habitation options. Our plan is to heal the conscious community and equip them to do the same for others, perpetuating well-being. By assisting others, they will also energize themselves. This will slowly change old story of Humanity and create a new story of “sacred human evolution.”

Some people will not choose to evolve in a sacred way. They will continue down the path of the old story. That is up to them. But we must choose a new path if we want a new story.

ARC7 projects offer you a wide variety of options that are designed to spark your imagination and compassion. We hope to inspire you with ideas about how your gifts and talents could be used as an intervention program for people who are struggling with symptoms of Global PTSD. Take time to carefully read the titles and short descriptions of each project and see if any of them align with your life purpose.

ARC7 projects are things we can do now, in the short term, that will lay the foundation for the long-term projects of arcology-building. These projects will uplift many people and give your life a new focus. Do any of them spark your interest? Find them by clicking on the buttons in the website header:

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