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Take the Lead!

We are recruiting, equipping and empowering highly evolved, gifted people to plan, design, raise funds, co-own and co-operate ARC7 Apartment Resource Complexes in the location of your choice. Who would be on your team? In which developing nation would you like to build? What role would you like to play?

Take the Lead!

We are at the final stages of course creation. That means we are at the early stages of role development.  That means you could write your own role description to do whatever fulfills your life purpose. 

The onboarding process gave you brief instructions how to get involved with ARC7 projects.  The vision-based courses prepared you to take the lead, in your own direction. 

We are gathering leaders from the  Conscious Community who won’t need much hand-holding to get going.  You completed the prerequisites at your own pace and now have full understanding of the whole vision, long before it takes place. You are now prepared to join the ARC7 THINK TANK.


We imagine that you are one of the early adopters who will be able to do this on your own with just a couple of zoom sessions with an ARC7 Mentor. 

If you choose to be a mentor, you will be able to walk people through their life purpose development process. These are people who aren’t as far along in their journey as you are.  They will need a lot of individual attention and motivational strategies. 

Part of the learning process to become an ONLINE COACH for ARC7 members is working with 10 new members who are just coming on board. Your job will be to make them feel connected and to answer any questions they may have. 

Soon they too will be help others through the process!

Team Building

This is when the team building process begins.  By this point you know the goals and objectives of each project and which team you are most energetically aligned with. 

You might prefer to work with the global team or perhaps prefer to build a team with people in your local community. 

Whether local or global, each step you take brings all of us closer to realizing the vision of ARC7 for Global Well-Being.

We are recruiting, certifying, and empowering highly evolved people to plan, design, fundraise, and build ARC7 nearby and around the world.

To organize a local team, you are welcome to join ARC7 HUB.

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