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Emotional Abuse

Emotions Send Ripples


  • Weightless butterflies making ripples on the water help us to imagine the invisible energy of emotions. 
  • The water represents our souls. 
  • The butterflies represent our emotions.
  • We send ripples of loving emotions out from us. 

Harmful People

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  • Hostile and forceful emotions cause a tsunami in the lives of others. 
  • They are designed to do so.  
  • With just the right approach, tender-hearted humans can be completely controlled. 
  • The Alpha will damage his own home, his own family, his own reputation, his own environment. 
  • Shame, guilt, or remorse does not stop him.  

Leaving a Path of Destruction

  • Liberty and justice is forfeited at the pleasure and whim of the toxic male. 
  • We all try to mitigate the damage to the greatest extent possible. 
  • If anyone points out the damage he becomes outraged and blames others.
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