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The Compassion Community

Are you part of The Compassion Community?

Do you promote and protect highest well-being?

Are you committed to highest well-being for yourself and for all creatures at the same time?

Are you seeking solutions for anything that threatens the well-being of yourself or others, your fellow creatures, and the planet?

Are you committed to expanding consciousness? “Expanding consciousness” is when you are committed to become more aware everyday.

Are you safe and inclusive to all people?

Are you becoming more aware of your own weakness every day?

Are you becoming more aware of your deepest needs and the inefficient methods you use to meet them?

Are you grateful that the planet is a living being that provides us with the life-giving things we need such as food, water, and oxygen?

Are you concerned about the destruction that is happening to the planet?

Are you careful to research what your purchases do to the planet?

Are you committed to research and know the origin of your products before they buy them?

Do you refuse to buy or endorse any 1-product, 2-plan, or 3-candidate that supports the perpetuation of harm done to humans, to creatures, or to the planet?

“Conscious” means aware.

“Woke” means aware.

Compassion means more than aware. Compassion means you are committed to relieve the pain of all living beings.

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