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The Problem

We teach our children to “get an education so you can make money.”  Job opportunities often lead to relocation out of state or even out of the country, separating children from grandparents who might have played a large role in their sense of well-being. Relationships are sacrificed for the acquisition of money.

Family Business is the American Dream

Today we see people from other countries take advantage of the “American Dream” without sacrificing family.  They gather family and friends to create a shared vision of owning a restaurant, an apartment building, a gas station, or a dry cleaners.  They all work together to make the business thrive.  Several adult children share one home with their parents, reducing their cost of living substantially.  They have family, community, and money.

Meanwhile American children are taught a completely different version of the American Dream.  They are taught that the more education you get the better equipped they will be to “make money.”  Visions, dreams and life purpose are sacrificed to “get a good job.” Their one goal is to learn how to impress the corporations that hold the key to their futures.

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