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The Solution

The family business is the only answer to the human requirement for six hours a day with family and friends.  When individuals are able to envision their own destiny, and gather family and friends who share that vision, only then is the sense of social well-being established. The day is now spent with supportive family and friends instead of competitive strangers.  With a family business, a child grows up with the advantage of learning everything his father and grandfather knows.  When he is of age his family has something substantial to pass to him, rather than forcing each generation to start from scratch at zero.  Instead, the rising generation can expand the family business, staying on the cutting edge of technology and discovery.

This course helps families develop businesses within the structure of ARC7 Arcologies that will meet all the needs of its members in a self-sustaining and self-contained manner.  ARC7 socio-economic governance system is co-created by its members through think tanks.  The goal is to fully utilize the strengths and dreams of each member of the arcology in a way that meets their physical needs, their emotional needs, and their social needs.  They in turn meet the needs of the community so the community can meet needs of humanity.

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