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Timebankers Welcome!

There are thousands of people around the world who are timebankers. They sign up for an account on a timebank website and exchange time with other people who are on the site. They start by GIVING time to someone. The website keeps track of the number of hours they worked. Now they have banked many hours. They can “spend” their hours by RECIEVING help from someone else. It is a circular system of giving and receiving.

We love timebankers because they understand the benefits of finding a new method of exchange to equalize the rich and the poor. They don’t use money! They trade hour for hour. Everyone on earth has the same number of hours in a day.

ARC7 is Not a Timebank

ARC7 points are exchanged privately between members on their profiles. You can join the MARKETPLACE group and post what you have to sell or what you want to buy. When you want to make an exchange, you talk directly to the person on their profile. ARC7 does not keep track of these transactions. It is like using cash.

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