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ARC7 is a three-stage plan:

1-Year Milestone: Build the Team
We pay our graduates to teach the training program in their communities and translate if necessary. They will continue teaching until they have 50 members who have completed the training.

3 to 5-Year Milestone: Build a Cooperative
Our Team Leaders and their 50 members write business plans and form a cooperative.

5-Year Milestone: Build Apartments with 7 Resource Centers
When the cooperative is profitable, build modern apartments with seven resource centers in one location:

1- PROJECT Center – Jobs for Everyone, Basic Needs,Food Production,Water, Power, Construction

2- HEALTH Center – Basic Medical and Dental, Natural Health, Exercise, Nutrition

3- EDUCATION Center – Educational Technology, Phones, Laptops, Internet Wi-Fi

4- SPIRIT Center – Arts and Cultural Events, Stage and Sound, Seating, Music, Dance, Art, Plays

5- GATHERING Center – Common Meals, Commercial Kitchen, Indoor and Outdoor Restaurant

6- BUSINESS Center – Income Production, Business Incubator, Farmer’s Market, Co-op Management

7- TRAINING Center – Team Development, Coop Development, ARC7 Apartment Design

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