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Understanding Global PTSD

Global PTSD is not an official term, but is our own observation that humanity seems to be experiencing complex PTSD as a whole. Global PTSD becomes apparent when you look at the statistics of PTSD as a society. More than 44 million people are diagnosed with PTSD and millions more are experiencing symptoms of complex PTSD without realizing it.

If we hope to have a sense of global well-being, we need to feel that the world is a safe place full of wonderful people who are experiencing well-being individually and collectively.

How can we experience global well-being when we are shown evidence every day that our world is doomed and that many people are evil and destructive.

Our sense of global well-being is obviously impacted by the things we see and hear on the news. Though we may not have first hand experiences with poverty, disease, illiteracy, oppression, violence, domination, or planetary destruction, these global maladies still impact our own sense of well-being because we are painfully aware of them. And what kind of people would we be if it didn’t bother us at all when we find out that so many are suffering around the world? We would have to be narcissistic sociopaths to have no concern about the pain and suffering of the earth and its inhabitants.

People everywhere are grasping at self-help, yoga, meditation, medication, or anything else that can help them cope with the constant inner conflict of longing for connection and resisting connection.

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