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What Can We Do?

Train Children Early

The long-term approach is to start with the way we train our children to think about others. 

If we hope to have world peace, a restored planet, and abundance for all, instead of the perpetuation of Global PTSD, we must teach our children how to create global well-being. They must be empowered to empower others. They must be taught how to look for ways to assist their family members, friends and loved ones, their school mates, co-workers, and their communities. This is the only way to reach for global well-being. Empowering a child to empower others will create the opposite of what we have now; the stress and trauma caused by relationships of domination and control. 

Gather the Conscious Community

The short-term approach is to gather those who are ready for change.  We could organize the few who are awakening, to live together in an entirely new kind of lifestyle, structured in cooperation and equality rather than alpha-beta hierarchies, organizing the work, not over-watching people. Forming teams with domains and roles is the pathway to highest well-being, and perhaps global well-being would soon follow.   

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