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What is a contribution agreement?

Contribution Agreements

A Contribution Agreement is a declaration of intent to serve the arcology. Each able-bodied member is expected to serve in a manner that maintains or improves the environment of well-being within the arcology. The Contribution Agreement gives members a way to communicate how they plan to improve the well-being of those in the arcology.

Types of Contribution

A contribution agreement can bring in income to the arcology, add a perk to the benefits package, or offer something to the global ARC7 organization.  An example of a local income stream would be a pottery shop that sells to tourists that are passing through. An example of a perk to add to the local arcology benefits package would be a massage studio, a dojo, or a music lessons studio.  An example of something that would be for the global ARC7 organization would be an educational video game design that would teach children the value of ARC7 contribution and collaboration. In all three types of contribution agreements, the rewards are the same: food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education, creative support, social connection, career development, meaningful living, and a monthly dividend from the arcology co-owned businesses.

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