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What is Compassion?


What is compassion?
Have you ever thought there should be a course required in school that would teach human decency?

I wish that there was a law that requires someone to pass a course in compassion before they are allowed to join society, get married, have children or be placed in a position of leadership.

Most of us have thought about this once or twice. We run into people who were so poorly behaved and we notice the ripple effect of sorrow and suffering they have on the world around them. That ripple effect is very real and measurable. That ripple of negativity can ruin a marriage, a company, a family, an organization, a church.

Compassion is Positive Energy

Compassion happens when you become aware of the invisible realm. You must learn how your thoughts impact the world around you, for good and for bad. You must become conscious of how you are directly connected to others. You must understand how the universe is so intimately connected and impacted by our negative feelings. You must see that that you can crush the person standing next to you without doing or saying anything, just because your emotions are negative and harmful.

Compassion starts by asking the question, “what is compassion?”. That means you are asking questions about your own existence and the important role you play in the universe and in the lives of others. When you walk in the room, do you think about the impact your “vibes” are having on others? Or do you only think about how YOU feel and how the people are making YOU feel?

When you ask yourself how another person is feeling, this is the beginning of compassion. Next, you must ask yourself how you can improve how another person is feeling. It’s not enough to simply be aware how you make others feel, but you must also be committed to making a positive difference in the way another person feels.

Some people call it “empathy” when you can feel the pain of others. But we call it “compassion” when you not only feel the pain of others, but also do something to relieve their pain.

Is someone cold? Give them a coat.

Is someone hungry? Give them a meal.

Is someone thirsty? Give them a drink.

Is someone lonely? Give them your time.

Is someone frustrated? Offer assistance.

Is someone being bullied? Protect them.

Is someone feeling useless? Ask them to do something for you.

Is someone feeling helpless and hopeless? Do something to empower them.

Is someone in an impossible situation? Sit next to them without trying to solve it.

The energy that you are sending out from you is enough to make a difference.

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