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Who Designed the Modern World?

Asking Important Questions

1- Is the child happier now that they are separated into age groups and kept from their family members most of the hours of the day?

2- Is it the 18-year-old’s idea to move out without any support? 

3- Is it the parents’ dream to cut the apron strings?

4- Is it the parent’s idea to keep a hands-off approach as they watch their adult children struggle with children of their own? 

5- Is it the grandparent who prefers living in assisted living facilities rather than caring for their families? 

Statistically, everyone does better when all ages and generations are integrated. Children do better in school when they live with both parents, as well as grandparents. Elderly people are more active and need less medical care when they live with family.  Couples stay together when they have support and childcare from live-in family members.  The rising generation can pursue educational goals and set entrepreneurial dreams in such an environment of support even if they choose to have children early. 

Next Question

If we didn’t design the modern world, who did?

Last Question

If our new cultural choices are not based upon our own preferences, then why do we follow them?

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