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Workplace Tribe

Gallop took a poll to ask people what they thought gave them a sense of “social well-being.” Those who were polled about “social well-being” gave examples of co-workers who feel like “family.”  I find it interesting that no one gave examples of family relationships giving them a sense of social well-being.

Has the workplace become the source of social connection rather than the home, the neighborhood and the tribe?  In our society we spend more hours per day at the workplace than in the home, and we work side-by-side with strangers that eventually feel like close family members.  It is the number of hours spent with these strangers that make them feel like family. Does this mean that the same closeness would happen if we spent the same number of hours with family members? Perhaps families would be strengthened instead of ending in divorce if they were paid to work side-by-side for long numbers of hours a day on projects that were meaningful to them.

The “workplace family” often competes with our family at home for our undivided attention. Corporations benefit from our attention, while the family dwindles and statistically end in separation and divorce. Perhaps workplace relationships are built upon better principles with zero expectations beyond their job description.

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