Lesson 1, Topic 1
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You Are a Solutionary!

What Can You Do Now?

ARC7 Team Leader Training prepared you to:

1 – Be the leader in every group because you are a Solutionary.

2 – Continue to use the video library and help add more.

3 – Represent ARC7.org as a “Solutionary.”

4 – Lead the ARC7 Think Tank as a Solutionary.

5 – Offer online coaching through ARC7.org.

6 – Host an online meetup through ARC7.org.

7 – Be the ARC7 leader of your local area.

8 – Start an in-person hub gathering for ARC7 members in your local area.

9 – Form a new think tank with other solutionaries in your local area.

10 – You can work together with other solutionaries to build a local ARC7.

11 – Solve problems in your local area during this epidemic.

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