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Here’s how it works:

When you log in for the first time, you will be awarded 100 points. With every link you click, or video you watch, you will earn points. At the end of each course you are awarded 100 points.

You can view your points visiting your profile.

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ARC7 Social Learning Network offers free education courses to people who are having financial difficulties. You can earn your way through the courses by taking it seriously and working hard to go through the steps. You will earn enough during step 1 to go on to step 2, and so on.

Why Do We Train for Free?

We are a nonprofit organization that is committed to educating people of all walks of life regardless of financial limitations. Our primary objective is to accelerate Sacred Human Evolution. Education is the key to shift attitudes, re-shape mindsets, and tune hearts to a higher frequency. That includes greater compassion, social inclusion, an end to poverty and inequality, a greener and cleaner way of living, and much more.

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