TV for Well-Being

Free Your MIND

When you turn on the TV, does it provide you with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Today's world makes the truth look like a lie and a lie look like the truth. They stand for the agenda that is most favorable at the moment.  

Let's get back to truth!

ARC7 lays the foundation for the development of "Life Purpose" and "Higher Energy Levels" instead of "marketable skills" and "competitive resumes." Every man, woman, and child has a unique purpose and reason for being on planet earth.  If time and energy is usurped by a system that doesn't develop life purpose, the world is robbed of the possibility of the highest well-being.

We come to this earth with nothing but TIME. Everyone has the exact same amount of time. Having time to do the things we love has become a luxury we can only dream about, because the best hours of the day are spoken for. It's called "an education" or "a job."

The present economic system has chosen to waste human resources.  It takes TIME to come up with a better idea, but time is the one thing we don't have. So we find ourselves in a never-ending cycle of an system that cannot be improved because those that dream of something better don't have enough time to develop their ideas into something tangible.  So what do we do with the majority of our free time? We watch TV.   TV programs keep the MIND occupied, but they don't help us improve our circumstances or solve the problems of society.

Turn off the TV!
Turn on ARC7 instead.

7-Day Challenge:

Watch Videos for Well-Being instead!

Witness the transformation of humanity.

  •  Use it as a powerful tool for transition and unification.
  • We find leaders on youtube who are contributing videos that improve the world.
  • We post them on TV for Well-Being.
  • Most of them do not know that they have been included in our collection.
  • Some of them offer programs or plans to improve life.
  • Some offer products or innovations.
  • Some of them offer ways to make money in a new way.
  • All of them offer a chance to transition to a higher, more exciting way of life.

What is the most important reason
to turn off the TV?

Join the discussion!  Please leave your comments below.


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