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TV-Hub-Om 7-Day Challenge

If you want to break the old habit of stressful TV programs,
try this challenge for 21 days!

That's how long it takes to make a new habit!

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7 Day Challenge

We challenge you to turn off the TV for 7 days and instead gather your family around the computer to watch this very inspired collection of videos. Each video brings a completely new perspective that we haven't thought of before. Each one demonstrates how one person can make life on earth improve.

Become aware of the amazing things going on in the world, that the syndicated media will rarely share with you.

The world is becoming aware that what we watch on TV shapes our values and beliefs, which in turn shapes our reality on earth.  Therefore we must screen what we watch with careful scrutiny, asking well-being questions such as "Is this information true? Is this information well researched? Is this information leading the world to global well-being?

We set out to collect youtube videos that prove the existence of an emerging Society of Well-Being that is fixated on information that is true, well-researched and that leads the world towards global well-being.

When you turn off one reality, and turn on Global Well-Being TV, a more accurate reality, you have the opportunity to become part of the solution instead of  part of the problem.

These youtube videos help to develop and support world peace, a restored earth, and abundance for all.

Leaders of the Well-Being Movement

We have collected videos from youtubers who demonstrate self motivated, self authorized leadership. These leaders are from all walks of life converging upon the same conclusions at the same time; that global well-being is only possible if we choose to get onto a different path.

These leaders no longer want to be a "cog in the wheel" of a monstrous economic machine that flattens like a steam roller. They instead want to rise up to become what they were put on this earth to be.  They each in their own way dream of a socio-economic governance system that thrives on human greatness instead of human suffering. Not the “New World Order” but the "Conscious Community."

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We are the Conscious Community.  We are the Sleeping Giant that is awakening. We gather for think tanks that will change the world.   If not us, then who?  We reach for HIGHEST WELL-BEING and GLOBAL WELL-BEING at the same time, because they are one and the same.  Join us as we ascend to the highest version of ourselves.  Join us to plan, design and build solutions for our top global concerns.


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