Uganda Child Rescue Project

Meet the Uganda Team

The Uganda Team is focused on improving the lives of children in Kampala.


Ronald Senyonga – street kids

Senyonga Ronald is my name, I’m a Commissioner in charge of Street Scouts, Coordinating a Streetkids project under Uganda scouts association our goal is to rehabilitate, empowering Streetkids with vocational skills ending with reintegration back to their parents.


Reagan Opio – education for children

My name is Reagan Opio from Nakabira Compassionate Initiative at NCI we meet up the needs of young hearts minds , Bodies and voices . We strongly believe today’s child can become tomorrow’s visionary leader that is why we are passionate about the rights of all to equal Education .
Our goals is helping all children have access to high quality Education opportunities and we also promote young talents in sports


Nixon Kisa – skills development

I’m Nixon Wabwire, the director of People Concern Children’s Project (PCCP). PCCP was initiated with the purpose of giving disadvantaged children in Uganda basic education and skills development.


Miiro Michael – disabilities advocate

I am Miiro Michael, a member of BUDIVEA, we work to change the lives of girls and women with disabilities in rural communities


Abdul Nassar Mukasa – adult leaders

Hello, I’m Director institute of Advanced Leadership-Uganda

Nassar introduced us to all of these strong leaders of Uganda.

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